Pest Control – Silverfish, Internal cockroaches, Internal ants, External Spiders
Limitations apply to internal spider treatments. Spiders can only be treated internally by a perimeter surface spray and powder treatment behind furnishings and powder to the roof space. No chemicals are sprayed on ceilings, cornicing, light fittings, areas above kitchen benches or inside kitchen cupboards as this poses a health and safety risk.

Warranty service on cockroaches. 

German Cockroaches (warranty subject to conditions located at property), 6 Month warranty service Single treatment (only recommended for minor infestations)
12 Month warranty service Dual treatment (minimum of 2 treatments until eradication) RECOMMENDED
German cockroaches have prolific breeding habits and an ability to take harbourage in almost any area. Infestations of German cockroaches may require several treatments to control, depending on environmental factors and severity of infestation.

Up to 3 Month warranty on:


Spiders (internal only)
Fleas – Internal or Internal/External. Please Note: Pets occupying the premises must be flea controlled prior to the flea treatment being carried out / incoming tenants must flea control their pets prior to occupying the premises.

Rodents- Internal or Internal/External
3 Month warranty service (single treatment)
6 Month warranty service (Rodent Program 1 –includes a minimum 2 treatments over 6 month period)
 see limitations below)

Termite Treatments
Termite treatment warranties vary and are outlined in a treatment proposal. A treatment proposal is given after a Termite inspection and report. Together this outlines; treatment recommendations, free service periods, and other useful information to take the next step in eradicating termites and protecting the property from future termite attack. Please contact your area representative for further information.
There are some cases in which the warranty may be limited. These are:
* Untidy/unhygienic living conditions (at technicians discretion)
* Excessive storage of goods, boxes & cardboard
* Inaccessible areas/rooms of the property
* Areas unable to be treated including play areas, furniture & high areas (cornicing & ceilings).
* Properties with physical defects e.g. Renovations, holes in walls, roof or flooring. No insect screens.
* Excessive foliage in contact with building allowing pest entry.
* Severe infestation of a particular pest e.g. German cockroaches, ants, rodents etc. In these situations, the property will generally require one, or a number of follow up treatments at additional cost before warranty can be offered.

Execution of Warranty
Depending on the type of pest treated, we offer you a service warranty. If you have a 're-infestation' of the treated pest, or the treatment has not effectively dealt with the problem, you can call us back and we will re-treat free of charge.
Some things you should know:
* The service warranty will be activated if you have a 're-infestation' of the treated pest, or the treatment has not effectively dealt with the problem.
* The warranty will not cover single or sporadic sightings of singular insects. Singular sightings may occur throughout the service period for many reasons. Eg. An insect may enter the house via clothes from the line and has not yet come into contact with the treated zone before being noticed.
* It is not uncommon for a small increase in insects up to one month after a pest control treatment. Some of the chemicals used have a flushing effect which causes the insect to leave its harbourage. This is when the occupier may notice the insects.
* Warranty claims are known as 'Service Calls'. A service call is not a complete re-treatment but a thorough investigation and re-application to areas where the treatment has either not been applied in all areas required or conditions have caused some of the treated areas to fail. We do not offer money back immediately upon a request of a service call. Our satisfaction Guarantee allows for us to attempt to rectify the situation within 30 days (the outcome may take longer).
* Warranty does not begin again from a service call. The Warranty begins from the initial date of the completed treatment and then continues until the date of expiration.
* We send reminder letters to you 1 month before the treatment is due. We encourage you to book in your renewal service within 7 days of the anniversary to increase the efficiency of the treatment.
Please contact us immediately if you suspect the treatment is not working or you have any Warranty inquiries.